#002: You Gotta Be Willing To Jump


It’s scary, uncomfortable, unknown, hard, dangerous, & most times once you jump you can’t go back. There’s no promise when you jump, no one is there to catch you, & you are usually alone. No one can force you to jump, you have to be WILLING.

I have been having this feeling in my heart & constant thought going on in my head that I need to stop wasting time. It’s the one thing I will never get back in this life. Once it's wasted it’s gone forever. By wasting time I mean exerting time, energy, or money into anything that isn’t providing me value, return, or allowing me to be my 100% authentic self.

I was in fear of getting stuck. Getting stuck in the same routine in an industry I don’t even desire to be in. I know what tomorrow will bring. That’s when you die. When you stop having the child like wondering what tomorrow could bring.

I had this feeling after listening to “The War of Art,” by Steven Pressfield. He kept talking about resistance & fear and how they were both compasses & indicators of your ‘one love’ or your passion or calling. He talks about how the more scared you are and the more resistance you get means you're on the right path. This hit home for me personally because I am in the start-up phase in every aspect of my life, financially, professionally, business, everything! I am learning as I go & failing more than I’d like. It’s all the characteristics I described in the first sentence, but it's BEAUTIFUL.

It has taken me a while to get to the point where I find the mud beautiful. The Hustle mentality, finding a way to get it done, get paid, eat, pay rent, & fund the dream, The Uncommons. I realized The Uncommons is what makes my heart tick. It’s my purpose, because it’s not just a side gig start up, it is my passion, it is how I choose to live my life!

I don’t want to fit in! FUCK BEING AVERAGE! I want freedom, I want tribe, I want unconventional, I want UNCOMMON.

It was at this point yesterday that I decided to double-down on myself, my tribe, & The Uncommons. To leave certainty, comfort, steady, predictable, & safe to JUMP into the deep end & see if I can swim with the sharks.

You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Even if it’s a shot in the dark, what if it goes in?

Bet on yourself, trust your struggle, & keep going.

One Love.