#009: The #1 Rule

There are a lot of "rules" we hear in life.

... Treat people how you want to be treated.

... Be as nice to the janitor as you are to the CEO.

... Don't talk about Fight Cl....

You get the point.

Those are all true and fantastic codes to live by.

However, today, I want to give you the #1 rule of Sales & Marketing.

And guess what?

Almost everything, in some capacity and on some level, is sales and marketing.

Selling is defined loosely as "persuading someone on the merits of an idea or thing." However, in order to persuade someone of something, you have to first get their attention.

That's where marketing comes in.

Want to get the coach to notice you? Want to get that cute girl's attention? Trying to get a promotion without directly noticing you? You need both sales and marketing skills in your repertoire. 

To stand out, you have to be clearly different. Distinctly different. And the best way to do that is the #1 rule.

... Don't be boring.

You absolutely can not bore someone into buying something - a product, idea, etc.

You just can't. That's not how people become convinced of things.

One of the easiest ways to not be boring is to do some very, very simple research.

Your job in whatever you're trying to do is to answer this one question about the prospect:

(*Also - I'm defining prospect as the person you're trying to convince of something.)

What gets them excited when it comes to what I'm trying to sell them on?

If it's a boss, I bet results and execution is exciting to them. If you can provide results, then you relentlessly focus on that. Someone who is consistently executing is hard to ignore and never, ever boring.

If it's a product, relentlessly solve a problem that brings people further from pain or closer to pleasure.

You get the point. Do some basic research and find out what is important to the prospect. Bring that to the forefront of their attention in your own unique way.

Not being boring doesn't mean you have to be Tom Cruise leaping in between buildings trying to save a city.

Not being boring is finding out what the f*ck others care about, helping them with it, and then keeping that attention to ultimately sell them on whatever your idea is.

Don't be boring.

- Luke