#019: Uncommon Outputs Come From Uncommon Inputs

I woke up this AM thinking about an email we sent our list back in early 2020. I went through the 'ole inbox and found it because I wanted to retell it here.

This is an abridged version of that email because I love the story. Here it is...

Today’s blog tells the simple story of Roger Huerta, MMA fighter.

The idea on my mind today is about doing unconventional stuff to create unconventional results. Really simple concept.

If you want uncommon results (something different than everybody else), you have to do uncommon things. You can’t do the same “quick fixes” as everybody else if you want to be different.

In an excerpt of one of Kaleb’s favorite books, “Own The Day, Own Your Life”, Aubrey Marcus tells the story of Roger Huerta.

To Marcus, Roger Huerta looked like an ox - and fought like one too.

Aubrey Marcus quickly found himself in awe of this man. As they trained together, Aubrey Marcus noticed something. 

Roger Huerta did different shit.

Sure he hit the barbells every once in awhile but his training consisted of kettlebells, sand bags, hammers, tires, and ropes.

He didn’t want to look like Arnold or The Rock. He wanted to look different. More important than how he looked, he wanted to fight differently.

Because of this approach, Huerta was able to fight more often and beat opponents that were favored far higher. He had better conditioning, strength and skills than all the other conventional fighters had because he rarely trained the traditional ways.

He'd use ropes, balls, sandbags, trees, rocks, awkwardly weighted vests and kettlebells, and anything else that allowed him to train like a mad man.

This created better results.

If you want to go somewhere you’ve never been, you have to do things you’ve never done.

You have to be unconventional. You have to be uncommon.

You’re thinking of some place in your life right now…

Some place where you know you’re stuck… 

How are you going to do something unconventional to break out?