That call never happening & not getting a shot at the NFL was single handedly the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Now if you would have told that on draft day, I probably would have told you to go fuck yourself. 

But this is GROWTH. Those growing pains. Seeing opportunity within the obstacles. 

So, that call never came. 

There comes a point in everyone's life, but especially athletes, where you think to yourself…


What now?

All I’ve ever known is this sport, this game, this environment. My identity was attached to football since I learned how to throw & catch one. I didn’t even know who I was as a person. So WTF am I supposed to do now?

I have a passion for fitness, lifting, & the mindset that comes with it. I love the grind, I love the pain, & I am obsessed with the progress. I want to be absolutely fucking shredded at all times. 

OGFY, Operation Get Fucking Yoked, was that mentality. It was a phrase I made up my freshman year of HS with my strength coach, John Davis. Blue collard, fuck you, Pick up heavy shit & drop it mentality. That’s what I lived for. I started working out at 5 am my sophomore year of HS, which then became mine & Luke’s thing. 

OGFY became our mindset. I took it with me everywhere all through HS, to college, to now.

So once quarantine started I decided to take action. I saw all these people posting things about health & fitness & thought to myself, “I LIVE this lifestyle. This is everything I do. I can make a page.”

Min Dawg said she was down to start helping me create content. She grabbed her camera, I started making logos & a page & we created OGFY. 

I asked Luke to help me with a website & my boy Danny threw me a couple thousand dollars to order some hats. 

Mini, Luke, & Danny ignited a new passion for me. BUSINESS.

I started bringing my football mentality to business. Started selling hats, producing content thanks to my amazing girlfriend.

We ordered a dumpster, cleaned out my entire garage, & set up a home gym, which became…


Old school garage gym, meathead ass VIBES! 

It was awesome. 

I would have never started this journey if the NFL gave me a shot. 

I was still training every single day, just in case Bill Belichick came to his senses, but I found a new passion.

I started training my first two clients, SHOUTOUT to the Kilgore’s!

We were building.

OGFY. Operation Go Find Yourself.

Mini & I went out to Hawai’i to help her parents settle into their new home on The Big Island.

I FELL IN LOVE. We will soon be living in a tiny home on that ranch… cant wait.

As I was out there quarantining, I got creative with workouts, & started to really reflect on the things I wanted in life, being present, trying new things. 

Mini has opened my mind, soul, & perspective like no other. I fell in love with the culture.

It made me think that I want to travel and learn from all cultures this beautiful Earth provides to us. 

So, OGFY had another meaning. Operation Go Find Yourself.

This is the mentality I continue to have to this day.

On that trip, Luke reached out & said he wanted to join me and go on this journey together as partners of OGFY. FUCK YA I WAS IN. 

The OGFY Podcast started, via zoom, in Hawaii.

We came back to Orange County for new opportunities after spending about 2 months in Hawaii.

We almost stayed there. I was literally taking a State Farm course to live out there. I was still having doubts about business & wasn’t sure if I could do it.


We came back to OC & started getting after it. Long nights, early mornings, hustling. Building a business is one thing, but finding a way to fund the dream is whole other beast. 


Les Spellman & Devin Quinn called me & asked me to join the Togethership Staff as a member of the Spellman Performance team. I was fucking honored & absolutley PUMPED.

This school changed my life forever. The people, the kids, the environment. I learned so much about myself as a person & coaching.

I became a better athlete by teaching the kids, learning from the Spellman Performance & Togethership team, & was surrounded by dope ass people 24/7.

Matt Koman introduced me to the O.H.I.U. program, which eventually derailed me to the perfect place I am now. 


You might be thinking… The NFL or being a part of essentially two start-ups. The old me would have said the NFL. That was before I learned to bet on my MF self ALWAYS! Be my own damn boss & make the best decisions for myself to be fully expressed & 100% authentic. 

The NFL does not allow that, LOL.

Eventually I started training again. I was in shape & around amazing athletes so I kept to it.

I was actually about to hang my cleats up, when I had a weird feeling in my stomach that I should start training again.

TRIBE MEMBER: *Insert Dakota Prukop

Stud QB from Montana State, Oregon, & at the time, Calgary Stampeders.

He joined us for his off-season at Togethership. 

Dakota became the big brother I never had. He taught me so much about the game of football & but even more about myself. He forced me out of my comfort zone, challenged me, & helped me overcome my biggest fears.

That fucker called me & said, “You’re going surfing today.”

The connection we had always made me feel safe like he would never let anything happen to me, it was real TRUST. So I always just did what he said. 

I CAUGHT MY FIRST WAVE! I'll talk about that another time, but it was epic.

We worked together, worked out together, he was brother!

He taught me things that I’ll take with me forever & I will always appreciate him. 

Let me speed the process up…

I trained, had a couple workouts. Had a CFL scout tell me, “4.5… If you would have hit 4.4 we would have signed you.” 

At that moment, I said FUCK THIS. 

I am tired of putting my future in the hands of others. I am tired of working my ass off all year long & having to rely on others for my success. Sometimes from people who have never even played! NUTS.

So I talked to Luke, We rebranded as The Uncommons, and he told me, “I promise you will make more money & have a better impact on the world with this business than the NFL.”

We lit up a cigar & went ALL- IN for the first time. 

I ended up getting a contract to go play in the IFL (Indoor Football League). I even signed it. 

A week before I was supposed to leave, I said FUCK IT! I want to be here with my girl, my dog, & my bestfriend to build the most epic business the world has ever seen. 

I even went to mt pro day in Nevada. I actually found out about it because a teammate texted me the week before to tell me. CRAZY HUH! No coaches told me, no one reached out, it’s not like I trained 2 years for it or anything. I am still bitter? Maybe LOL. 

But anyway, I wasn’t ready. I did shitty. BUT THAT”S OKAY.

I have finally came to the point in my life that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. It’s all connected in the bigger picture of the universe.

I was never supposed to go to the NFL. That wasn’t my calling.

I have finally come to terms with that. I am finding new passions everyday. 

I told you this story of my journey to hopefully inform, inspire, motivate, & ignite the walk-on mentaily within you. To show you YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL, fuck up, win, lose, cry, bleed, & be down in the trenches sometimes. THAT'S OKAY! 

Every single thing that has happened to you has led you to this point in your life. YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. Reading this fucking blog then building a god damn empire!

Believe in yourself. Enjoy the process. Trust your struggles. &


One Love.