#021: Listen To The Pounding Of Your Heart

Today’s blog tells the incredible story of one of the most uncommon MF to ever walk the earth - Pat Tillman.

We’re talking about the idea of following your heart and doing what you believe is right… no matter what.

In life, sometimes… you just know. You know you’re meant for something different than you are currently doing. Lean into that feeling and see where life takes you. Surrender to it.

Here’s why I’m thinking about Pat Tillman today…

Pat Tillman had always been a bit uncommon. He was one of the best high school football players in the country and ultimately earned a scholarship to Arizona State.

As a Sun Devil, he led his team to the Rose Bowl and won Pac-10 Defensive Player Of The Year. 

Tillman was drafted 7th round to the Arizona Cardinals in 1998 where he went from a late round draft pick to a Sunday starter. 

Within two years, he was a top player in the league. After his contract was up with the Cardinals, he was offered a $10 million deal with the Rams.

Tillman turned it down. Why? He was loyal to the Cardinals. They took a shot on him so he wanted to return that favor.

He elected to return to the Cardinals for the 2001 season.

Then… the attacks of 9/11 happened and Tillman felt a different sense of loyalty.

He knew he had the tools to serve his country and believed in his heart that it was his duty as an American.

He was certainly able. He soon became willing.

In early 2002, Tillman left the NFL and a multi-million dollar contract to become an Army Ranger.

He excelled through training and served his first tour in Iraq, 2003.

Pat Tillman served for over a year until he was killed in action in 2004 and ultimately earned himself a Purple Heart.

Here’s the truth…

Playing in the NFL is extremely difficult. Yes - the money is nice but the reality is that it’s physically & mentally demanding at a level that most will never know.

Becoming an Army Ranger is far more difficult - with far less pay.

Regardless, Tillman knew in his bones that his duty was pulling him in a separate direction.

He turned down the fame and the money and gave into what his heart was telling him.

We all have a calling on this Earth that our hearts are begging us to lean into more.

They pound louder when we think about this calling.

What’s yours?