#024: Faith In The Unknown


I am currently getting ready to get on a plane & head to Hawai'i with my gorgeous girlfriend, where this thought came to my head.

The unknown is all around us. 

We get into cars with strangers to drive us.  We board planes with pilots we've never met. We trust instructors to teach us. 

We are constantly putting our faith & trust into the unknown. 

We trust that others will do their job & take care of us. 

We have faith that we will reach our destination safely.

At those points we can only control what we can control. At some point we have to let go & put our faith into whatever greater power we believe in. 

I say all this because I have a hard time letting go.

I am constantly trying to control outcomes or all situations in my life. 

Sometimes it can be helpful, but most times it restricts me from flowing & being present. 

I am learning & working on being present & letting the universe direct me to where I need to be. Putting my faith in the unknown & understanding that It will all fall in to place. You don't always need to force it.


You have to find all the right pieces in order to make a master piece.

You have to start one piece at a time strategically placing pieces that fit specifically. One by one the puzzle grown & the vision gets more clear. 

Sometimes it gets confusing. Sometimes pieces don't fit! We don't force them when we can clearly see that they don't fit. We start to look for a solution or another piece that could possibly fill that spot. 

Live your life like a puzzle.

Focus on putting one piece down at a time. Seeing which pieces fit & which ones don't. Don't stress or force pieces.

Put your faith into the unknown & understand that pieces will naturally fall & flow into place. 

When you look back, you realize you created a master piece with out even knowing. 

Keep Doing.

One Love.