#030: WTF Is Time?

What is this made up measurement, limitation, & stress factor we allow into our minds?

Who said this is how much time we have to get this done or to do this?

To me time & age are made up. They do not hold significant value in letting me know that I am or I am not ready for something. 

My heart, gut, & soul tell me that. 

"It's too early to be in love."

"You're not old enough to understand."

"You're too old to act that way."

"You do not have enough experience."

I used to always feel like I need more. 

Time has put limitations and anxieties on me. Thinking that I am not ready, haven't done enough, haven't spent enough time, or I am running out of it. 

I am guilty of allowing time to disrupt my peace. I am always checking the time, thinking I need to be somewhere else. Looking to where I need to be next instead of sitting my ass down & being present. 

There is this feeling of "There isn't enough time in the day." 

As athlete, we have this underlying anxiety that we will be late somewhere. I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking I am late for a morning lift. 

I am writing this to hold you as a reader & MYSELF accountable to challenge us to be present. To stop worrying about 'time' & start living life on your own terms. 

You're not late, you're not early, you don't need to stall, & you don't need to rush.


Time is what WE make of it. 

Do not let it ever limit you or stress you out. 

You're never out of time, sometimes you just have to create more. 

You are always in control of your destiny. Time cannot take that away from you, nor can anything else. 

You are the captain of this ship.

You are in the driver seat of your life. Ride it 'till the MF wheels fall off.

One Love