#031: Do You Sweep The Sheds Or Leave A Mess?

We’ve said it before.

We’ll say it again.

We’ll say it 1,000 damn more times until it sinks in.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Today’s edition of Inside The Minds is here to remind you that you are NEVER, ever too successful to do the small things. 

No work is ever too miniscule if it is work that has to be done.

Today we’re talking about the All Blacks and what it means to sweep the sheds.

Great leaders balance both discipline and humility within their work ethic to achieve dominance.

The All Blacks are among the most dominant sports teams in the world.

Besides winning, they’re known for their Haka - a ceremonial pre-match ritual that represents a display of pride, strength and unity.

You can watch it HERE if you’ve never seen it before.

While some may watch this and think to themselves…

“What a pointless use of energy to look like fools before a match”...

The ones of you that appreciated the mindset it takes to perform such an intense ritual are the ones that “get it”.

Because if anybody gets it, the All Blacks do.

They don’t just win because of their talent, though.

They win because they have a sickening, relentless relationship with doing all the necessary work it takes to be the best in the world.

That work is often the boring work. The minuscule work. The lonely work.

The most underrated form of their work ethic actually takes place AFTER each match…

When they “sweep the sheds”.

Every member of the team cleans up after themselves after every single game.

They take care of their jersey, locker and the immediate area around it.

Yes - a janitor could do it.

However, it’s not the janitor’s job.

Anything created (such as a mess) was created by each individual so they take the full responsibility of sweeping the sheds, cleaning their lockers and leaving the room spotless.

No work is too big for anybody.

It allows each member of the team to stay grounded at all times even after winning the biggest matches of the year.

Do you sweep the sheds in your life or do you leave a mess?