#032: Have You Ever Looked Up?

You want to know something crazy?

Every single night there is magic happening. The Sun sets in once location while rising in another, the stars flicker in the sky, & change is happening every second of the day.

How many times have you watched the sun set? How many time have you stopped to take a second to look up at the stars?

We take these magical phenomenons for granted... THIS SHIT LITERALLY HAPPENS EVERY NIGHT!

I am currently writing this on The Big Island of Hawai'i & I literally witnessed this magic for the first time...

My beautiful girlfriend & I were on the front porch during sunset. We vibe & have deep talks while we rock in our chairs soaking in the amazing natural environment we are in. Palm trees, coqui frogs, & rain drops. It's beautiful & keeps me grounded. Every time I am outside & present I learn so many things about the world & myself. 

I have no where else to be, but in that moment. Be present.

The Sun went down while Mini & I were still talking, we had the lights on on the porch. 

Her mom turned the lights off & right when we were about to turn the lights back on, we noticed the stars...


I can see the light beams from around them as they flicker in the dark sky.

It is more country out here, not as many lights. The Ranch her family lives on is at the top of a mountain, over looking the island. So this is the first time in my life, I've ever seen stars so bright. 

It was honestly breathe taking. 

Her mom walks out & says, "wait watch this..." 

She turned off all the lights in the house. 

The stars got brighter & I can actually start to see the Galaxy!

Different shaded of dark blue/gray cover the sky with hints of red. 

The porch is protected by the roof, so all we could we see was right in front of us.

We walked out from under the roof & looked up.

I've never seen a sky like this in my life. 

I literally saw the Galaxy for the first time... I actually understood more about our plant & that there is so much more out there.

It made me realize that magic happens around us 24/7 & that nights like this are always possible. 

We take the little things for granted. Be present & be proud of where you are. Open your eyes & take a look around every once in a while. Witness the natural cycles of life & sit with our beautiful planet.

It made me realize how small we are, but how weirdly okay I was knowing that. At first it freaked me out, I was scared looking at the sky. It was unfamiliar territory, the unknown, in darkness. The only way to see a sky like this is in pitch black darkness. 

It reassured me that I want to travel the world with my best friend. I mean this shit happens every night where I am at, so what other extraordinary things are happening around the world? What else can I see? What other moments can I be present in?

I became more curious, but knowing that I'll never know the answers. We aren't supposed to. We are just supposed to witness it. 

Be present, take a look around & be relentlessly curious. 

One Love.