#033: Sometimes You Gotta "Give In"

I've been thinking about something I said in one of our latest podcasts recently.

In episode #042: A Book All Dreamers Need To Read, I said something along the lines of...

"Sometimes you really do gotta 'give in' so you know how much you fucking hate it."

Now... for more context, I don't believe you truly have to give in to life at any point.

I'm certainly not talking anything morbid here. What I am saying is that sometimes life gets really fucking difficult.

It can get too heavy to hold, too tricky to maneuver, and too short to be patient.

But, regardless of that opinion, it is always relentless.

It's relentlessly glorious, beautiful, wondrous, immaculate and ultimately imperfectly perfect.

So on those days that life seems to win, just take a mental note.

Don't let it win the war if it just seems to have won a small battle.

Take note of it and realize how much it absolutely fucking sucks.

And use that "suck" to drive you moving forward.

Let it drive you in any way that personally works for you.

And never let somebody tell you what should or should not be driving you.

You're you and they're them.

Let whatever ignites that fire in your soul to burn however you have to...

... To do the shit in life you want.