#035: Take Time To Think

I did something interesting this week. Something that at first seemed a bit like procrastination.

I took a "think week".

Now, it wasn't as gnarly of a think week as Bill Gates often has.

To define it, a think week is exactly how it sounds.

You take a couple days (or week, duh) to yourself to think about a certain topic.

This week, all the people that I usually hang out with or work directly with were out of town on their own vacations.

Which meant that I had a ton of time to just do whatever the hell I wanted to do.

I decided early that I wanted to work as very little as possible so that I could go on a mental vacation (in a way).

That mental vacation was me thinking about The Uncommons, the future of Kaleb and my business plans, and how to uncomplicated things.

Lately, I have been feeling a bit insane in that I feel like I keep doing the same things over when it comes to building The Uncommons.

Which is why I decided to take a think week to inspire new ideas of growth for us.

... But...

To break the insanity cycle, I needed a flood of new ideas and insights.

Which is why I listened to 12 episodes of the My First Million Pod over the span of five days.

And holy shit was it one of the best mental weeks of my life.

If you can, take a "think week".

Decided on a topic that you want more clarity on or even more knowledge on.

Pick 1-3 resources that will flood your mind with new ways of thinking around that topic.

Then - execute the new ideas. (That's where I'm at right now).

If you wanna learn more about the ideas of a "think week", here's an article that explains how Bill Gates does it.