#036: Let's Change This!

I have a question...

When someone is trying to accomplish something extraordinary or attempt something no one has done before, why is most people's initial reaction all of the things that can go wrong or why they can't do it?

I find my self doing that sometimes as well. I let my ego get involved & I start to judge. This is something I have really tried to work on. 

We should change this way of thinking from all the things that could go wrong to all the amazing possibilities that could happen. 

We should work together, encourage, motivate, & inspire. 

We are a TRIBE, a community, a group of like minded individuals who just want the world to be better place! We are all connected, we are all one, & we are each other! We come from the same species, we should be a real pack, a real tribe, working together to accomplish amazing things. 

When we say, Let's grow together, we really fucking mean that.

Can you imagine how amazing this world would be if we all put our judgments, ego, & expectations away & just supported each other? How far we would go as a society is endless. 

The amazing part is YOU can start TODAY! By making changes in your life & encouraging others to do the same. No forcing people what to do, but by simply just showing them the way you live your life, the energy you constantly bring, & the value you always provide.

One Love