I am a firm believer in your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, & your actions create habits.

If you think something over & over again, visualize, manifest, & truly believe it will happen it absolutely will.

Luke & I talked about pitching to Rob Dyrdek for months. We talked about our huge vision to get our foot in the door, pitch to him, partner with him, & then sell our business and travel the fucking world & meet the most uncommon people from all walks of life to learn from them, challenge them, & grow with them.

We thought & said this over & over & over again. 

During these times there are times of doubt, resistance, & adversity from all directions. 

Sometimes you think to yourself, "Am I fucking crazy? Can we really do this?"

The answers are:

1. Yes, you're fucking crazy

2. FUCK YES you can do it!

I came back from Hawaii & felt a little off, out of routine, unproductive, & just didn't know where to start. 

I was over thinking, feeling lost, & having no direction with our business. Thinking what should we do? Should we pivot? What do we want to focus on? 

Then, Luke calls me.

"Bro, the Rob Dyrdek Podcast episode just dropped."



It's a pretty surreal moment for us. Rob is one of Luke's favorite entrepreneurs ever, & rightfully so, the man is a genius. 

We are just huge supporters of his & we were asked to be on his podcast that we filmed about a month ago, but I honestly totally forgot about it. And at the time of filming I mean it was awesome, but I was just so caught up in the moment, uncomfortable, in unfamiliar ground, & in the unknown that I didn't even comprehend what was actually happening. I kind of just played it off in my head. 

But when I was feeling off & unsure, the universe gave me the little reassurance I needed. That little voice that said, "You're right where you need to be. JUST KEEP GOING." 

That was this podcast for me. I really needed to be reminded of where this all started & what the goal was & the things we spoke into existence for months. 

We talked, we planned, we spoke it into existence, & then we excited the fucking plan. 

We obviously have a hell of a lot more work to do, but it was awesome to take a step in the right direction & complete Phase 1 of our master plan.

We have all ready completed it, but the world is still catching up as always. 

Fucking bet on yourself, IT PAYS OFF EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME! 

JUST START, NOW!!! Don't wait for "one day" or "someday" 

Start now, you are always in the position to change your life.

Let's grow together