#039: How Can You Not Be Romantic About Baseball

I just re-watched Moneyball.

Besides the fact that it has a few of my favorite things:

- Baseball

- A fantastic story

- Brad Pitt as the lead actor

- Uh... baseball

It asks a question that hits so deeply in my soul.

... "How can you not be romantic about baseball...?"

I mean...

To many, baseball is a slow game played on dirt with a bunch of grown men in funny looking pants.

To others, it's the purest form of romanticism known to man.

There's a feeling that the game gives you when you love it like that.

When the smell of a certain dirt actually smells different.

When you know if the grass has been recently cut.

When you know the difference between how new pine tar and old pine tar smells.

Those are just a few of the random details that you only know if you truly fucking love the game.

To this day, my two favorite places to clear my head in the entire world are:

- 15th street at Newport Beach

- Shortstop on literally any baseball field on the planet

There's a feeling of love, liberation, joy, competition, and yearning that all gets balled into one every single time I'm there.


My point about this little love letter to baseball is this:

1. Find that place in the world that makes you feel that way

2. Don't shy away from feeling romantic about it

Give into it and let it do it's job for you whether that's healing you or motivating you.

Go find your place.