#040: The Movement

There is so much negativity in the world world today.  We get so caught up with expectations, judgements, & ego that we let it cloud our perceptions of life. 

We need a safe space. Where aspiring dreamers, doers, creators, * not give-a-fuckers can all collaborate, feed off each others energy, & spread their messages of love & positivity to the world. 


We want to build a TRIBE of badass, like-minded individuals, who are open & willing to venture into the unknown & push themselves further in all aspects of their life to reach their full potential. 

We must get comfortable being uncomfortable, able & willing to face our fears, & open to accepting all the blessings that are set out for us when we are on the journey to find our purpose in this life. 

We will create this movement by providing you with uncommon people, places, ideas, & products to help you be your fully expressed authentic self.

You in?

Let's grow together.