#041: Do You Actually Wanna Get Rich?

I'm reading a book (that's poorly titled) called How To Get Rich.

It was written by Felix Dennis. Here's a quick blurb to tell you who he is:

"Felix Dennis was an English publisher, poet, spoken-word performer and philanthropist. His company, Dennis Publishing, pioneered computer and hobbyist magazine publishing in the United Kingdom" - Wiki

One of his most notable brands he started was Maxim Magazine.

One of the reasons I love this book is that Felix actually got rich by doing a bunch of hard work for 50-60 years and THEN wrote a book about getting actually rich.

He didn't just get rich by writing a book.

One of the other reasons I love this book is that it offers such a unique perspective that you really understand that this guy had a ton of money.

He had all the assets, the experiences, the memories, and the "stuff" that you would never understand and less you, too, had that kinda money.

But that's not the perspective that stood out to me the most.

What stood out to me was the beginning of the book.

He does two things at the beginning of the book that makes you truly think about getting rich:

1. Define what level or "rich" you actually think you want to get to

2. Truly, deeply ask yourself if you want to do all the stuff it takes to get rich

When we do anything, most of us just quickly think of an end goal and commit.

I'm always guilty of just starting.

But this book has made me take a step back on a bunch of things I'm doing in my life and ask myself...

- Do I actually want this result or do I want what I believe this result may get me?

- Do I actually want to do and endure all the shit it takes to get there?

When you take an hour or two to really, really think about some of this stuff you may find that you can save yourself 10 years of running around.

Ask yourself right now... Do you actually wanna get rich or do you just think you do because society can glamorize it?

Get to thinking.