#001: Inside The Minds


Welcome. It’s wonderful to have you here. Before I start, I want to say a few words about what this outlet will be for you and for Kaleb and I.

Our goal is to produce a blog every single day where Kaleb and I switch off. It’s a journal, diary, and mission statement within our minds for the day.

Some will have pictures. Some will have videos. Others will have nothing but words. 

Some will be 50 words and others will be 5,000 words.

Some days will be full of big dreams, relentless visions, and inspiration that could make Ricky Bobby jealous. They may be filled with quotes, passages from books, lines from our favorite movies, or bumper stickers from life.

Other days will be short entries full of tactical things we’re doing to build our business and life. You’ll get updates on the backend of our business, what’s working, what’s failing, and what we’re planning.

I can’t, for certain, tell you exactly what to expect other than a few things:

  1. This is a conversational outlet for us to share the thoughts in our minds. This means we don’t care about grammar, punctuation, and especially debate. This isn’t the outlet for us to battle with anyone over anything. It’s purely a Jackson Pollock painting of our thoughts through the vehicle of a blog.
  2. Expect honesty, transparency, and raw language. What I mean by that is… expect some fuck words. We won’t hold back.

As for today, I’m writing this at 8:26am on Aug 10, 2021. I am currently rebuilding our website as we switch over from Squarespace to Shopify. We started on Shopify in 2019, switched over to Squarespace, and now are switching back.

I believe Shopify delivers a better backend experience for us to track purchases and inventory while also delivering an easier checkout process for customers. This is my experience between the two platforms.

We switched over to Squarespace the first time because, for me, it’s easier to build a website through that platform. But now, I have worked on enough Shopify sites in my career as a digital marketer, that I am confident in showcasing our brand on this platform. More importantly, I’m excited to share a better experience & process for you - the consumer, customer, fan, supporter, but most importantly… friend.

As you’re reading this, you’re inside my mind on a day of realization. It’s a day where I had little sleep, lots of coffee, and too many ideas.

That’s always been something I’ve dealt with - too many ideas. Because not all ideas are good ideas. Most suck. But I believe that you gotta work through the bad ones to get through the good ones.

Today is a day of re-realization, actually. 

As I’m building the site, we’ve committed to this blog as well as an email newsletter. We already work on producing a weekly podcast and vlog. 

It’s a re-realization because this is a ton of work. Like it’s an assload of stuff to do.

But it’s also a re-realization because holy shit do I love this stuff.

That’s it for today. Now back to rebuilding the site. 

Talk soon,

- Luke