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My name is Luke Bockenstette (say hi on Instagram). My partner's name is Kaleb Fossum (hit him on Instagram too). We've been best friends since middle school.

Kaleb was a 2-sport athlete in college earning a scholarship to University of Nevada, Reno after he had earned himself a walk-on spot and played at Washington State University. After college, he needed a creative outlet for his relentless work ethic as he was still training for the NFL. He started our first social media page and began creating content on his own.

I dropped out of school when I was 20 and then spent 4+ years advertising and marketing for multi-million dollar brands across the internet. I started and failed multiple of my own brands in that same span. It was not until I was 24 that one of my own brands crossed the 6-figure mark. Then the 2nd one did in the same year.

We had always bonded over 3 things: 
- Relentless curiosity about what we might be capable of
- Undying authenticity in knowing who we are and what we like
- An unheard of figure-it-out-iveness when it comes to chasing our dreams

In 2019, we came together to start creating content because we noticed a lack of our point of view in the world and created The Uncommons. With Kaleb's creativity and knack for creating content along with my understanding of business, we never looked back. After 2 years of content, we went all in on creating a "mind-expansion content network for motivated individuals".

In a world full of distraction and complacency, we believe we can be the catapult to turn idle dreamers into "doers". Doers are the ones in the arena of life, taking action, failing, getting back up, and always progressing towards finding out how far their limits really are.

The Uncommons is a mind-expansion content network because we believe if you can open your mind up to the possibility that you can do whatever you believe, then all you have to do is decide to make it happen.

Once you decide, it's up to you to be curious, authentic to your beliefs, and then figure it out. That's the game.

If you're a motivated person - such as an athlete, entrepreneur, creator - stick around and open your mind through our content.

Nobody in the history of this world will ever have the exact experience at this exact same time as you. You are uncommon.

The Uncommon Amongst The Uncommon are those that are willing to put the work in to see for themselves how far they can really go instead of listening to what others say may or may not be possible. They're the ultimate "doers".

We're a community of doers here.

Are you in?

* Wanna know our full story? Keep scrolling for a great time and a good laugh.

ENTER 2007

Back in 2007, Kaleb Fossum first heard of me (hey I'm Luke Bockenstette) because he had to act as me for a baseball tournament. He was subbing for me and had to use my name and birthdate. 

"What a weird f*cking last name" - Kaleb, probably.

Fast-forward over the next 5 years, we went to middle school together, played baseball together, and ultimately became best friends.

Educare School

Our travel ball team, The OC Toros, after we won a tournament in Arizona. Kaleb's dad was our manager.

ENTER 2015

During our senior year of high school, we played baseball together and Kaleb also played football (and basically led the country in all-purpose yards).

This is around the time we started what is known as the OGFY mentality which stands for Operation Get F*cking Yoked. Born from a blue-collar work ethic, we would both meet each other at the gym at 4AM five days a week.

Our relentless work ethic had formed a bond between us that most people never understood.

Educare School

Us after Kaleb returned 4 kicks and punts for TDs in one single game our senior year of high school.

*STILL 2015

This is just a picture of the last time I had abs. So f*ck it... I'm gonna post it.

Educare School

After one of our 4am gym sessions at the world-famous 24 Hour Fitness in Foothill Ranch, CA.

ENTER 2017

Kaleb walked on to Washington State to play football and then ultimately transferred to University Nevada Reno with a full-ride scholarship, playing both football and baseball. 

At this point, I had stopped playing baseball and transferred from a community college to Cal State Fullerton. I dropped out after 4 weeks.

Shortly after, I started my first business. It failed.

Kaleb returning a punt for a TD against CAL on ESPN.

ENTER 2019

After Kaleb graduated, he was training for the NFL draft. He took the mentality from high school and started OGFY.

From there, we started the OGFY podcast. It was a 2-person show between us two recording over Zoom while he was staying in Hawaii with his girlfriend and our videographer Mini Multi.

Educare School

Some of our first merch as OGFY.

ENTER 2020

In the middle of the pandemic, we doubled down on our content and our branding. We re-branded as The Uncommons (inspired by one our favorite human beings David Goggins) while still keeping true to our OGFY mentality (which is why we still have merch available to the true OGs).

From here, we launched the Be Uncommon podcast, the Youtube Channel, the newsletter, and a new website.

This was one of our "all in" kinda moments.

Educare School

One of our first businesses where we really realized we had something special.

ENTER 2021

This is the year we hit our stride. 

We both moved out into our own apartments. We both created our own side hustles to fund the dream. We both doubled-down on our vision.

We also doubled-down on growing our hair out. Kaleb even got interviewed by a company we love called The Longhairs. 

What we ultimately did was double-down on ourselves which helped us double-down on our community.

Educare School

Cheers. That's it. That's the caption.



Today... our mission is simple:

Inspire the dreamers to become doers.

Our goal is to help give people the confidence to go all in on themselves by saluting our distinctions rather than celebrating our sameness.

We do that by creating content that inspires curiosity, authenticity, and figure-it-out-ivness through the sharing of people, products and ideas.

Educare School

During one of our favorite podcast episodes and vlogs we've ever created with our guy John Lindahl.

We are a community of doers, dreamers, creators, innovators, starters, finishers, in-betweeners, action-takers, misfits, and don’t-fuck-with-me-ers.

We like to create. Because we can.

When others think our ideas are too big, too far out there, or don’t think we can do it… we simply respond with “Why not us?”


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